Microsoft Windows Licensing -5 Top Tips

Top Tips

5 Top Tips

1) Every PC needs Its own full license.

2)Volume Licensing agreements cover Windows desktop software upgrades only

Microsoft® Windows® desktop upgrades are designed to upgrade pre-existing qualifying licences you have bought. This means you must first have a full licence for the qualifying underlying OS for each PC before you install the upgrade. Windows software is licensed differently from other Microsoft software: normally Volume Licensing agreements do offer a full version of all Microsoft software however Windows OS on Volume License programmes are upgrade only. 

3. There are two ways to legally buy the initial full version of Windows for a new PC

  1. Pre-installed on a PC through a PC manufacturer (OEM)
  2. As boxed Retail software. The industry term is Full Packaged Product (FPP)
4. Commercial upgrade from home SKUs

Commercial customers with a Volume Licensing agreement can’t upgrade to Windows Vista Business or Windows 7 Professional from Windows home SKUs such as Windows 7 Home Basic or Windows 7 Home Premium. Windows home SKUs aren’t designed for businesses and don’t count as qualifying operating systems for Volume Licensing upgrades.


5. Legalisation – don’t use OEM

Microsoft has a portfolio of legalisation solutions available to help customers get genuine Windows for existing PCs. Pre-installed (OEM) licences CAN’T be used to legalise existing PCs.

Customers can legalise through a dedicated range of cost-effective Volume Licensing agreements.

  • Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Small and Medium Organisations (GGWA SMO)
    For commercial or government customers with more than 5 PCs.
  • Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Large Organisations (GGWA LO)
    For commercial or government customers with more than 750 PCs.
  • Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Academic (GGWA Academic)
    For qualified academic institutions both large and small.

No Certificate of Authenticity (COA) labels are distributed with GGWA. DVD media needs to be purchased separately.



  • Get Genuine Kit (GGK)
    GGK is available for use on fully assembled PCs with a previously installed counterfeit, pirated or otherwise illegal or unlicensed copy of Windows. It is not a Volume Licensing offering so no contact with Microsoft is needed and the buyer is anonymous to Microsoft. GGK can be sourced through Authorised Distribution.

Both solutions allow your customers to purchase Software Assurance within 90 days through the Open, Open Value, or Select Volume Licensing programmes.

For more information visit

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