Top 10 Things You Should Know About Genuine Windows Software

1) Full Windows License

Each PC must have a full underlying Windows Client OS license. This can be acquired with the PC from Dell or other Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or purchased as a Retail copy (PC World)

2) Volume Licensing

Volume Licensing for Windows Client OS are Upgrades and require a qualify base license.

3) Whats a Qualifying Operating System for Windows

Commercial Volume Licensing customers (Excluding Academic) cannot have PCs with Windows Home or Starter Edition and use them as base to upgrade and re-image with Windows Business or Ultimate.

4) Volume Activation

Activation is a required aspect of deployment for deploying a Volume License image of Windows 7.

5) How do I activate Windows?

Key Management Services (KMS) is used for customer-local activation and Multiple Activation Key  (MAK) for activation with Microsoft. [Ref:]

6) How do I get this sorted?

Get Genuine Windows Agreement (GGWA) is a way to acquire full Windows Licenses on Volume Licensing with your Large Account Reseller (LAR).

The Get Genuine Kit (GGK) is for all customers to correct non-genuine or mislicensed Windows. [Ref:]

7) How do I go about getting Genuine Windows?

There is a Pre-Signed Agreement for Large Organisations. The Reseller can find this at Please be aware this includes an Audit clause.

The Large Account Reseller (LAR) will confirm the pricing with your Microsoft Business Manager and submit the agreement with pricing to the customer. The customer is responbile for signing the Agreement and agreeing the quantity and returning to the LAR.

The Large Account Reseller (LAR) will then submit the agreement to the Microsoft Regional Operations Center (ROC) who will set up the Agreement and then process the order under the Agreement.

The customer and the LAR will both recieve an emailed copy of the agreement from Microsoft.

There is also a straightforward non-signed commitment. However, it implies a non-signed commitment to buy legal going forward. There is no Audit clause. This is ordered like any other Volume License on Open. GGWA-SMO is on the Open Price List with a  5 License minimum. GGWA-A is on the Academic Open Price list.

The customer can continue to order through the term of the Agreement of two years. The Reseller will obtain a copy of the Get Genuine Addendum for the Customer from the Distributor. The licenses are ordered through the authorized Microsoft OEM distributor, who orders from Microsoft.

The Customer will be able to review licenses online on Volume License Service Center (VLSC). Any physical licenses are sent in a Welcome Pack.

8) This seems overly complex. So what Legalization route should I follow?

GGWA-LO Volume Licensing for Large Organisations.  The Customer has identified counterfeit or alternatively has Linux  or has re-imaged with no underlying  Operating System on the box (bare-metal). This is also applicable where the Customer has Windows Home or Starter as an underlying license on the machine.

GGWA-SMO (Small and Medium Organisations) covers Small to 250 seat organisations.

GGWA-A (Academic) is a Volume Licensing solution for Academic customers. Please ensure your organisation qualified under Academic criteria.

GGK (Get Genuine Kit) Licensing purchased from OEM Channel for all customers. If the customer is concerned about making their identity known to Microsoft, this is an anonymous route to legalization.

GGOK (Get Genuine Online Kit) This is for Windows 7. This is purchased online direct from Microsoft and is available option after failing Windows Activation Technology Validation.

WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) for Windows XP and Vista. This is purchased online direct from Microsoft and is available option after failing Windows Activation Technology Validation.

Retail (Full Packaged Product) is a full perpetual license available from retail as a boxed copy. This is available for all customers, however this is not the most cost-effective option and in terms of a large number of mislicensed PCs isn’t best on Price and in terms of recording and managing those licenses going forward.

9) What is the Microsoft Partners’ commitment?

Per Section 4(e)(2) of the Microsoft Partner Program Agreement; Company will not engage or participate in the unauthorized manufacture, duplication, delivery, transfer or use of counterfeit, pirated, unlicensed or illegal software or other Microsoft Materials. Company will not otherwise infringe any of Microsoft’s intellectual property rights. Company must reasonably cooperate with Microsoft and its Affiliates in the investigation of counterfeit, pirated, unlicensed or illegal software and other Microsoft Materials. Company must promptly report to Microsoft any suspected counterfeiting, piracy or other copyright infringement in computer programs, manuals, course material, marketing materials or other copyrighted materials owned by Microsoft or its licensors.

10) Resources

Microsoft Genuine Software
Microsoft Volume Licensing


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