Volume Licensing Sevice Center (The what happened to eOpen? Thread)

1) I am asked to provide a valid business email. Why?

An important new change, Microsoft noew require a Windows Live ID and a valid business email address. The valid business email adress may be different from your Live ID and must match the email address on the Volume Agreement or Open License order.

The Registration process, the customer’s Windows Live ID and Business email are linked together. Accessing the “My Permissions” page will display a User’s valid business email address.

If you are the System Administrator and recieve the error, you will need to verify that the business email entered on the signed Volume Agreement matches the email being used to Register on the site. If this is all correct and still no luck, go on “Contact Us” to go to the local Regional Support Center for your Region.

2) What are the issues and how should I approach it?

Some customers will not be able to register because their email has not been associated with the Volume License Agreement number (7 numbers). There is an exception process in place that can be initiated through the Microsoft Call Center. I understand this will take some time to manually check.

Secondly, as part of the increased security, some Microsoft Partners will have some limited access to work on behalf of their customers without permissions.

3) Check your Firewall and SPAM filter

It might be worth checking SPAM filters for the Microsoft Validation email. In addition, If Open Program customers haven’t accessed eOpen for over 24 months, again worth looking at Call Center support.

Microsoft have a team in place responding to issues so get in contact with them to get the ball rolling.

4) Support Documentation

Microsoft Volume License Center User Guide

Also check other FAQs on this Website.


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