Add Open License to VLSC

The new Add Open License feature in VLSC enables a registered user to add a limited set of permissions for Open License agreements only. These permissions include:

  • Viewing Open License information,
  • Downloading licensed software,
  • Finding the appropriate product keys,
  • Viewing a Software Assurance summary, and
  • Viewing or managing Microsoft subscriptions (including MSDN, TechNet, and Expression subscriptions)

Please be aware that the Add Open License feature does not grant Administrator permissions and should be used only when you have been authorized to manage the license on behalf of the customer.

On the main navigation bar, click Administration | Add Open License. To be added as an Administrator, or to request a specific permission role such as Software Assurance Manager for the license, click Administration | Request Permissions. If no Administrator is listed for the license or you are unable to obtain permissions using Request Permissions but have been authorized to manage the license on behalf of the Administrator or Open License customer, you may use the Add Open License feature.


Method 3:If you are new VLSC user and are not associated with any licenses, on the Thank you for registering page, click Add an Open License to your profile.

Method 4:In VLSC, on either the Relationship Summary page or the License Summary page, click Add Open License.

This option is available only if the user already has permissions to see agreements associated with their profile.


Microsoft’s New Upcoming Features of VLSC

  • An updated navigation bar
  • Improved self-service messaging for product keys
  • The ability to download product keys to a CSV file
  • Improved handling for large volumes of product keys
  • The ability to view a subset of product keys associated with a specific License ID
  • A simplified process for resellers to request access to their customers’ Open License agreements

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