Office 2010 – Downgrade Rights and Web Apps

Downgrade rights in the Volume Licensing programs provide customers with the right to downgrade to any prior version of the same product.

  1. Microsoft Office Professional can be downgraded to a prior version of Microsoft Office Professional.
  2. Microsoft Office Standard can be downgraded to a prior version of Microsoft Office Standard.
  3. However, Office Professional cannot be downgraded to Standard Edition.

Customers who have licensed Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 are eligible to downgrade to Office Professional Enterprise 2003 and all previous versions.

  1. If a customer downgrades from Office Pro Plus 2010 to Office Pro Plus 2007 they will have the rights to what was included in the Office Pro Plus 2007 suite where OneNote was not included.
  2. Customers choosing to downgrade and use these components must use them on the same device in the same manner they would use the components in the version of the suite for which they acquired a license.
  3. In the case of a suite license such as Office, this means the can use the components of that prior version. For instance, one could use Office 2010 Standard (all the components included in that version) as the current version or  downgrade to a prior version.
  4. If  downgrading to Office 2007 Standard, then they can use all the components of that version (which does not include OneNote 2007).

One additional point here is that Microsoft will allow customers to run multiple instances of Office on their licensed device. And they have the right to downgrade any or all of those instances. So you could achieve something similar to what they’re looking for by installing Office 2010 and Office 2007 both on the licensed device and using Office 2007 components primarily and supplementing with OneNote 2010. However, they do not have rights to OneNote 2007.

In response to your requests I have pulled together a summary of Office Downgrade Rights for Office 2010.


We are seeking clarification on the Downgrade Rights for Office Standard 2010 and Office Professional Plus 2010 (Volume License)”

  1. There has been a reduction in the number of Office Suites, there are some previous version for which there is no directly corresponding new suite.
  2. Can we please have clarification on which 2007 Office Suites Office Standard 2010 and Office Professional Plus 2010 can be downgraded to?
  3. Can Office Standard 2010 have Downgrade Rights to Office 2007 Small Business Edition


  1. Office Pro Plus 2010 customers have downgrade rights to prior versions of Office Pro Plus ( For Instance, Office Pro Plus 2007)
  2. Customers with Office Enterprise 2007 can still downgrade to Enterprise 2007 after upgrading to Pro Plus 2010
  3. Office Standard 2010 customers have downgrade rights to Office Standard 2007
  4. Office Standard 2010 customer can downgrade to prior versions of Office Standard not Small Business Edition
  5. Only Software Assurance customers who licensed Office Small Business Edition 2007 may continue to use Office Small Business Edition 2007



  1. What are Office Web Apps?
  2. How do I obtain Office Web Apps?
  3. How are Office Web Apps licensed?
  4. Does the user get a license to use Office Web Apps on a third party kiosk?
  5. If multiple employees are using the same desktop licensed with Office 2010, who gets to use the Office Web Apps?


  1. Extends Office experience to PC, Phone, Browser
  2. Office Web Apps are included in Office 2010 Suite license in Volume License Agreement. Your IT department installs the Office Web Apps bits on-premises on either Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Server (This was formerly WSS)
  3. Office Web Apps are licensed per device where a single, primary user of a licensed Office Pro Plus 2010 or Office Standard 2010 device may access the Office Web Apps from any device.
  4. Office Web Apps are part of the Office licenses and the single, Primary user of that Office device can access the Office Web Apps from any other device, including a 3rd party kiosk. As long as the people using the third party kiosk are single, primary user of a full Office license, then that kiosk would not need a full Office license
  5. Only the single, Primary user of a licensed desktop can use Office Web Apps. It is up to the customer organization to determine if there is a single, primary user and who that person is.

7 thoughts on “Office 2010 – Downgrade Rights and Web Apps

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    • As far as I am aware, Home and Business wasn’t offered as a commercial Volume License. I understand Home and Business was distributed as a Retail Boxed Product (FPP)

      My main focus on this blog is enterprise level product and agreement licensing models.

  3. How do you actually perform the downgrade from a 2012 install to a 2008 install? Don’t you need installation media? (E.g. Sql Server Std 2012 downgraded to Sql Server Std. 2008 R2.)

    • I understand VLSC will have access to N-2 software for download. I would recommend getting in touch with your account manager, they should be able to support as part of their responsibility of managing your procurement contract(s).

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