Licensing Update – Software Assurance

The information contained here related to Windows was first publically announced on March 18, 2010  [Ref:]

New SA Benefit

Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) Use Rights

  • Software Assurance customers gain new virtual desktop access rights at no additional cost. Customers with Windows Client Software Assurance (SA) get Windows Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) use rights as a standard SA benefit. Formerly these use rights were licensed as Virtual Enterprise Centralized Desktop (VECD) for SA.
  • The existing subscription SKU, “VECD for SA”, retires as of July 1, 2010


Virtual Desktop Access

  • For devices that are not covered by Client SA (such as Thin Clients), Microsoft is introducing a new offering “Windows Virtual Desktop Access” (Windows VDA) on July 1, 2010. Windows VDA provides users with access to virtualized corporate desktop images hosted on remote servers from a variety of devices – including thin clients, PCs without Software Assurance, home PCs, third party devices such as contractor PCs, etc.
  • Customers also get Roaming Use rights through client SA and Windows VDA. The Roaming Use rights allow the single primary user of a device licensed through Client SA of Windows VDA to access their virtual Windows desktop while roaming on non-corporate devices such as home PCs, internet café’s, airport kiosks, etc. These roaming rights are applicable only outside of the corporate domain, and cannot be used to roam within the corporate network. As a result, customers with active Software Assurance for Windows, or a thin client with Windows VDA, get exactly the same virtual desktop access rights.

Roaming Use Rights

Office, Project, Visio, MDOP and VDI Suites

  • New roaming use rights are available to customers with active SA on Office, Visio, and Project operating in a virtual environment as of July 1, 2010. These rights grant a single, primary user of a licensed device to remote into their Office desktop from an off-premise, 3rd party device. Customers who have Windows SA and VDA are not eligible for Office Roaming Use Rights unless they have active SA on Office.
From July 5th
  • Removal of VECD for SA as an optional Enterprise Product (incorporation as an SA Benefit)
  • Rebranding of VECD to Windows Virtual Desktop Access (Windows VDA)

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