eAgreements for Open Value

eAgreements for Select, Select Plus, Enterprise Agreement, and Enterprise Subscription Agreement (also known as VLCM) was already launched in August 2009.

Microsoft will extend this on August 16, 2010 to include Open Value (OV) and Open Value Subscription (OVS) contracts.  The aim of this is to provide customer and partners with a uniform tool to work with Microsoft contracts.

• One-click installation
• Intuitive user interface
• Simple way to track agreements from creation to activation
• Provides option of electronic or physical signature for customers

Business Impact
• Users may create agreements in the current eAgreements for OV/OVS (also known as eCM) until Close of Business December 31, 2010
• Customer signatures in eCM will be accepted through Close of Business February 25, 2011

• Training videos on eAgreements registration and installation are available now on the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) eAgreements page  and for internal use on the VL Portal. Additional materials, available in mid-July , will include training presentations, User Guide, and more Demonstration Videos.
o eAgreements: Registration and Installation by an Invited User (5:43 minutes)
o eAgreements: Registration and Installation by New Users in Current and New Organizations (8:43 minutes)
o eAgreements: Inviting Colleagues and Approving Access (5:23 minutes)

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