Office 2010 Downgrade Rights – OneNote

I work in an office that will not support Office 2010. However, we will be purchasing Office 2010 and then downgrading to 2007. It will either be Office 2010 Standard or Office 2010 Professional. Both of those versions include OneNote. However, neither of those versions of Office 2007 contain OneNote. Since the Downgrade Rights document has not been updated for Office 2010, I was wondering if the downgrade would include OneNote. And if so, what do I need to tell me IT department to help them make the transition.

— Product Marketing Engineer

If your VL customer downgrades from Office Pro Plus 2010 to Office Pro Plus 2007 your customer will have the rights to what was included in the Office Pro Plus 2007 suite where OneNote was not included.

If customer purchases Office 2010 Standard and downgrades to Office 2007 Standard, may they use OneNote 2007 which was not a component of Office 2007 Standard?

If a customer downgrades a license, they are granted the right to run prior versions of that license.

In the case of a suite license such as Office, this means the can use the components of that prior version. Your customer could use Office 2010 Standard (all the components included in that version) as the current version or they can downgrade to a prior version.

If they downgrade to Office 2007 Standard, then they can use all the components of that version (which does not include OneNote 2007).

One additional point here is that we allow customers to run multiple instances of Office on their licensed device. And they have the right to downgrade any or all of those instances. So your customer could achieve something similar to what they’re looking for by installing Office 2010 and Office 2007 both on the licensed device and using Office 2007 components primarily and supplementing with OneNote 2010. However, they do not have rights to OneNote 2007.


One thought on “Office 2010 Downgrade Rights – OneNote

  1. Thank you so much. We are having a similar situation here at our company. We are using an earlier version of WORD on all but 2 PCs in our office. Our technology company installed version 2010 Office on 2 PCs & did not ask us if we wanted to have consistent software throughout the office (i.e. WORD 2007). Now they’re claiming that one of our older HP printers (HP4000) that works fine with older versions of WORD is having an incompatibility problem with new 2010 WORD. I suggested just downgrading the WORD component of Office 2010 on those 2 PCs to 2007 WORD and they told me they would “look into it.” They weren’t sure if that was possible and then asked me about my 2007 WORD licenses. If later versions of WORD/Office are downgradeable as your above comment states, then WHO CARES ABOUT FINDING MY 2007 LICENSE? Any folks out there that can confirm that WORD/OFFICE 2010 CAN BE DOWNGRADED TO AN EARLIER VERSION without having to repurchase the earlier version? Thanks, Kimberly

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