Licensing Update: OCS becomes Microsoft Lync Server 2010


It’s important to note that businesses are already relying on Microsoft as a viable alternative to traditional PBX systems. Microsoft is clearly very much a player in the business communications market already.

Brian Riggs Current Analysis


Key Features

Connect across networks. Lync Server 2010 supports federation with public IM networks such as Windows Live™, AOL, Yahoo! and Google Talk, allowing workers to use their corporate identities to connect to customers and partners.

Lync Server 2010 delivers a standalone voice offering to enhance or replace traditional PBX systems and extends these capabilities outside the office via Internet access without requiring a VPN connection

Users can schedule a meeting from Microsoft Outlook® and join through Lync 2010 via the PC, phone or Web interface

Lync Server 2010 can provide presence, IM and conferencing for organizations

Lync Server 2010 relies on Active Directory, eliminating the need for separate user and policy databases and uses Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to allow the assignment of appropriate management roles and scopes to different administrators

Lync Server 2010 can be deployed on-premises or in a service-based (hosted) environment.

Seamless integration with Exchange Online and SharePoint Online

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