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I have a license for Windows Server 2008R2 Datacenter. I wish to have about 20 user accounts on the server and have about 10 be able to access at the same time. Many of the 20 users work part time and do not need constant access, I estimate 8 or so are in the office at any given time ( +2 for cushion). If I am to understand correctly, I would need to purchase 10 CALs?

Microsoft does not support concurrent licensing on Sever / CAL model

These same users would need to (occasionally) access an Office suite on the server (Office 2010 Standard or Professional Plus). I would then need to purchase 10 licenses of Office 2010?

Office is licensed per device. The total number of devices that access Office will need an Office Professional Plus or Standard 2010 Volume License. This would be 20.

The devices (Windows PCs) accessing the system would vary a little bit. We have about 6 workstations in the office and a couple of the users prefer to use their laptop at a empty desk. Since there are 5 or so laptops, would I need to license each individual company-owned workstation and the laptops? Or can I just license 10 simultaneous users, no matter who they are and what device they connect from.

The Primary User of the primary licensed device may use office on a second portable device. If the laptop is used as a primary device this will need an Office license assigned to it. Microsoft does not support concurrent licensing on Applications.

All the company owned PCs are Windows 7 Professional and would be set up with other apps on their individual PCs. They would be logging into the server via RDC.

A Remote Desktop Services CAL will be needed to access RDS functionality in Windows Server 2008 R2. This is in addition to a Windows Server CAL and Exchange CAL. This can be licensed on a Device or User model – this would be a commercial decision based on whether you have shift workers (Device CALs) or several devices for every user (User CALs) 

Thanks for your clarification and assistance!

Thanks for the question Michael!

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If customer uses app-v to run multiple versions of Office on a PC do they require incremental Office licenses?

If the customer has a VL version of Office, then they are allowed to run multiple versions on the licensed device without requiring additional licensing. 

Product Use Rights, July 2010, 24 of 136



One thought on “Licensing Central – Your Questions Answered

  1. Hi,

    I have started using AWS (Amazon Web Services) and want to license a Windows 2008 R2 Data Centre Edition for more than the ‘free’ 2 remote desktop users, eg 10 named users. If this was my own DC I would simply purchase 10 RDP User CALs install the license server, activate etc The users will simply be using this server as a gateway or mgmt console to access other servers not accessible. I am keen to avoid setting up a TS gateway as I want to terminate the traffic on a managed server, plus some servers will be linux.

    As I didn’t purchase the Server license, not sure I can follow the same approach I would in my own DC – any ideas?

    My research implies as AWS are the SPLA they should charge me for the RDP CALs, but that’s not something I can find to purchase through AWS. I’ve read up on license mobility, my company is already on a volume license agreement, if that helps.

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