Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP)

In a long overdue post, here is a run-down of Microsoft’s new Application Platform. While often the term enrolment is used interchangeably with Agreement, what we normally term a Microsoft “Enterprise Agreement” is actually an enrolment for the desktop.

Microsoft have released a new “Enrollment for Application platform” that includes component or all-up approach for SQL, Visual Studio, BizTalk and SharePoint Server.


The rationale for switching to conventional acquisition as an additional product on your EA (or on less cost effective channels like Select or OEM) is that there may be a cost advantage is looking at SQL et al on a App Platform with up to 40% savings on license costs for new deployments. Microsoft offers this to incentivise customers to standarise on the Microsoft platform.


image                         image                        image

The benefit of the EAP is to empower your IT organisation and users with;

  • Reduced operational costs while enabling scale and security
  • Connected and empowered  through familiar tools
  • Consolidation and standardization driving IT efficiency

There are some considerable cost advantages on new licenses by acquisition under the Enrollment for Application Platform. Additionally,  in some circumstances, when combined with switching from a SQL CAL model to a Per Processor model this can drive down your Annual new license acquisition costs.

Another benefit, is to cover historical versions within your Microsoft footprint and cover them with SA (Software Assurance) only. This provides the latest version of the product on a cheaper OPEX model with an opportunity to defer the license cost to the end of the Agreement. If enrollment is renewed, the license cost is again deferred.




Minimum Requirements

Please contact your preferred Microsoft reseller or Microsoft business manager for information on minimum requirements.

The pricing of the EAP is determined by your current EA / Select / Select Plus level by pool





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