Important Microsoft Announcement – Microsoft Pricing Policy

Microsoft have announced that they are making significant changes in their pricing policy. These changes will affect all volume license customers within the UK.

UK British Pound Price List

As of the 1st July 2012 prices are going to be more inline with the current Euro pricing. Microsoft have stated that:

“This is due to the continued currency differences and Microsoft wanting to bring consistency across all on the European countries”

All customers will have the choice of being billed in their local currency or Euros. This will mean that following the current Microsoft financial year ending 30th June Microsoft will be updating July transactional price lists. There is expected to be a significant increase in the UK British Pound price list, with current exchange rates indicating an increase of 20%.

Microsoft do provide advanced notice to Microsoft resellers, with Volume Agreement price lists available 30 days in advance.

This is an indicative cost impact, and does account for Microsoft’s monthly price increase/decreases on transaction procurement agreements (competitor pressures, monthly FX […]), increase owing to new product release (additional functionality), updates to volume agreement licensing models, updates to product licensing models, government memorandum of understandings with Microsoft, agreed discount (subject to approval) and of course, Reseller margin.

Volume Agreement Contracts

This could have an impact on any volume license agreement that is transactional and will impact current and future contracts, including Select, Select Plus and Open Agreements. This will not include Academic Agreements.

Microsoft will have price protection built into relational volume agreement programmes like Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Agreement Subscription. Wherein the price is enshrined within the contract.

How BT Engage IT can help

BT Engage IT will now be providing licensing expertise through our new Licensing Services.

We can go through recent impact of updates to SQL and System Center as Microsoft continue to update product and agreement licensing models and give you an independent view on how to get the best price, on the right contract.

It is understood that your current procurement could be through another Microsoft Reseller. However, please do get in contact directly if you would like to have a bespoke review for your organisation or an informal discussion to understand options going forward (available to organisations with UK operations). email


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2 thoughts on “Important Microsoft Announcement – Microsoft Pricing Policy

  1. Question : will price increase in UK as of 1st July 2012, also affected countries in Asia ? for example Malaysia ? pls advise, thank you.

    • I can’t comment on International Price List(s) but I would recommend working with your preferred Large Acccount Reseller (LAR) or your alligned Microsoft Account Manager If your organisation is a managed account.

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