Top Microsoft Licensing Searches of 2013

In January 2014, this obscure licensing blog reached the milestone of a half million visitors  from 201 countries worldwide.

Thank you for all the kind comments from IT professionals around the world who have reached on over Email and Twitter to connect

Here are some of the top  searches via Google, Bing, Twitter and TechNet blogs that bought the IT community to MicrosoftLicenseReview .com in 2013 :-

Thank you for using this website as a resource in 2013, I hope to provide more useful and detailed content in 2014 to support the ever changing landscape of software portfolio management.

– Tony Mackelworth


This website is a way to give back to the licensing community and as an information resource for all customers that work with Microsoft software and licensing. I hope you find it of value.

Tony Mackelworth is a Senior Licensing Specialist at SoftwareONE

As always, If you would like to reach out for a coffee or a meeting under NDA, Email or connect via Twitter or LinkedIn 

Tony lives with his wife in Oxford, England.


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